k.. keeping wildclaw dea …

digging this idea for dragon!deacon tbh 

digging this idea for dragon!deacon tbh 


ii can alway2 count on dea two po2t really cute thiing2 and ii’m happy about that.


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  • i want to make out with you
  • i want to kill you
  • i am hungry
  • i am tired
  • why the fuck is my music not playing in my left headphone


close-up of accessories~ ☆彡


What Causes Brazil’s ‘Meeting of the Waters’?

by Bec Crew

This is what it looks like when the Solimões River meets the Rio Negro in Brazil.

Almost 10 kilometres from the inland city of Manaus in northern Brazil, ‘the Meeting of the Waters’ is the point where two of Amazon River’s largest tributaries - a smaller river that flows into a bigger ‘parent’ river - converge but never mix.

The Solimões River forms the lighter half, its ‘cafe au lait’ colouring owed to the rich sediment that runs down from the Andes Mountains, including sand, mud and silt. Known as a ‘white water river’, the Solimões River stretches over a 1600 km distance. 

The darker side is the Rio Negro, and it gets its ‘black tea’ hue from leaf and plant matter that has decayed and dissolved in the water. It might look dark and murky, but the Rio Negro carries little or no sediment, and according to the European Space Agency website, is considered one of the cleanest natural waters in the world. On really clear days, water visibility in this black water river can exceed nine metres. ..

(read more: Science Alert - Australia)

Image: Danocoo1/Reddit.com